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 What is the absolute worst that can happen if gays are allowed in the military? (20)

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What is the absolute worst that can happen if gays are allowed in the military?

Gays are already in the military and the world hasn't come to an end.  So what if they are open about allowing gays in the military?  What ripple would that one little change create?

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One change that immediately comes to mind is that it would give a whole new meaning to the rank of Rear Admiral ;)

Also, they couldn't call their all-terrain vehicles "Hummers" any more.

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What is the absolute worst that can happen if gays are NOT allowed in the military?

We lose the "War on Terror?" As of June, 2007, 58 linguists fluent in Arabic have been kicked out of the military for being gay. This happened even as intelligence agencies complained about a shortage of linguists fluent in Arabic, and the military itself is desperate for Arabic translators. Winning the war on terror depends on having such people serving our nation.

What will happen if there is no anti-gay discrimination in the US military? All we need do is look to the countries where gays are allowed to serve openly in the military for an answer to that.

Research shows none of the countries with openly gay service members have been hurt by their non-discrimination policy. Our closest allies allow openly gay service members, including every member of NATO except Turkey.

The British military, our strongest ally in Iraq, has openly gay service members working alongside American forces. This has not caused any problems. Since the Persian Gulf War, United States forces have joined 20 joint military campaigns with other nations who have openly gay service members. A recent University of California study shows that in these 20 campaigns the American unit's cohesion, performance and morale did not suffer because of the presence of openly gay service members from other nations.

Gallup poll of the American public shows 72% support the right of gays and lesbians to serve in uniform. More significantly, the same Gallup poll found that 91% of young Americans (18-39) think that gays and lesbians should be allowed to serve openly. And that age group is by far the largest part of the military. A 2004 Annenberg Survey of military members and their families found that 50% of junior enlist personnel say that gays and lesbians should be allowed to serve openly in the military, up from 16% in 1992, and only 16% believed lesbian and gay service members were “bad for morale,” while just 12% thought allowing gays to serve openly would be “bad for teamwork.”

The military wastes millions of dollars each year investigating "violations" of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. With a huge budget deficit, this money could be better spent on projects that actually improve national defense

The FBI, CIA, and Secret Service, along with most police and fire departments around the United States, now allow openly gay Americans to serve in their ranks. These non-discrimination policies have not hurt performance, professionalism, or morale.

These arguments, by the way, are lifted from a Republican web site.

Supporting Evidence: What Republicans say (
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If any of those people that kicked out of the military were cunning linguists, then this would not have happened ;)

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hmicciche(660) Disputed
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Are there no lesbian Arab translators in the military?

Also, say "cunning linguists" in Arabic, and I will forgive this bad bad joke.

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They become so ashamed of shaming their male-lover that they fight with force unmatched in recent history. There is truth to that statement - the Sacred Band was just one such fighting force, and they were the only army more powerful than the Spartans.

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Less gays?

This is one of those issues that I don't quite understand, the gays want to be able to go off to war and fight for their country but the conservatives don't want them to.

Seeing as there are some conservatives who really don't like gay people you would think that they would love the idea of gays going off to war because this way their is potential for them to die and even if they do no die the more gays we have in the Middle East the less we have here in America.

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Two things:

1. They have a right to fight for their country.

on the other hand...

2. They should be in separate sleeping quarters from the other soldiers.

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The worse thing?

A stronger, more efficient military that could be misused by some future idiot President to unnecessarily kill even more people than the last idiot President did.

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Or even the current president. I mean, he has expanded the military abroad.

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He's expanding in Afghanistan, but he's begun to pull out of Iraq. And he's dealing with a situation that was in place when he came to power. The last guy invaded a country that was posing virtually no threat to us.

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Alexander the Great

Julius Caesar


Lawrence of Arabia

William of Orange

They were all either homosexual or bisexual.

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You know, I did hear that Achilles' heel was a tight piece of ass ;)

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