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People we know from Essembly Anyone
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Who should be allowed to be a member of the "Essembly Refugee" debate community

How should this "debate community" be defined

People we know from Essembly

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Just for the heck of it, I'm going to take the obvious position and say that this debate community should be limited to people who were involved in Essembly.

CreateDebate allows you to form what they call a "Debate Community" for free. There is a cost to make it private. However, Administrators can see who is a member and can ban them. So, if we get enough Essembly people voting on this debate and making this choice, it would be up to any Administrators we select to do that job of policing the membership roles.

There is always the option for any and everyone to participate in debates in the wider CreateDebate community. But should we allow anyone and everyone in on this group? This is a "no" vote.

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What's teh point of such a community if anyone can join? If I want to discuss with anyone I do this in the general community of Create Debate. The only advantage of having a segregated community is that I can use the word "Zorachian" without further explanations (though it would be an interesting experiment to try to spread it in the larger CD community).

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Please feel free to inquire if Essemby Alumni member mdurrettuk is a Alum.

I've already determined that your ally TERMINATOR is not. Should we now ban him or should we welcome him like we would welcome a new member on Essembly?

I'm changing the description of Essembly Alumni to "People who took part in Essembly -- or wish they could have." That will accommodate any new folk and let them know that we have a particular history of which they should be aware.

What is the point of using the term "Zorachian" without folks having been exposed to the real Zorach? Would anyone get it?

Side: People we know from Essembly
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Just for the heck of it, I'm going to take the contrary position and pose the question, "Who was eligible to be a part of Essembly before it died?"

The answer? Anyone.

The issue then is are we going to fix a point in time and say membership in the "Essembly Refugee" debate community will be limited to people who were members of Essembly at some point? Or are we here going to accept anyone as a member as they could have been when Essembly was still around.

Lets save the Essembly Refugee Admins the trouble of having to police this debate community's membership roles and banning people simply because they were never a part of Essembly in the past. It's not like random people are going to be clambering to join us here, and if new (or even old folks for that matter) become troublesome, the

Admins can always ban them then.

Let's make this an open community!

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In case it matters, this is my official vote.


Disclaimer: "The minimum length for an argument is 50 characters. The purpose of this restriction is to cut down on the amount of dumb jokes, so we can keep the quality of debate and discourse as high as possible".

But I don't care. Without dumb jokes, what would I do?

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If there were a membership limit I could support limiting this to only those who were on the roles of the original. However, Essembly was never about elitism (despite some who might have thought so) and so we should indeed allow whoever wishes to be here. Besides fresh blood is always good.

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Essembly was open to everyone, so why start restrictions now?

Besides, most of the essembly regulars won't be on here, so this would be a very small group indeed.

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