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Conro's Reward Points: 767

Points When What Where
2 High Rated Argument Hey look, upvotes! IT IS BEING SUCCESSFUL, KEEP RETURNING!
1 Added Argument To All You Bible Thumping Bigots !
1 Added Argument Are Christians Winning Their War on Atheism?
1 Added Argument Would life be better if there was a God or not..?
2 Added Argument Is the implementation of Common Core education standards a threat to learning?
2 High Rated Argument Do you think Obama was the worst President of the United States
1 Added Argument Communal living sucks.
2 Added Argument We cannot prove God does or does not 100% exist?
2 Added Argument Change the Way We Count!
1 Added Argument Is communism inevitable as we move toward socialism
2 Added Argument When you actually study the history, Hitler was right on almost everything
1 Added Argument Petitions should limit each person to one vote.
1 Added Argument Atheists lack religious tolerance
1 Added Argument Should the U.S support Israel?
1 High Rated Argument The Most Sickening Display of Willful Ignorance.....
-1 Downvoted Argument What do you think about homosexuals? And about homosexuality?
2 Added Argument The crux of homosexuality debates
5 Created Debate The crux of homosexuality debates
3 Added Argument What do you think about homosexuals? And about homosexuality?
1 Added Argument The Big Bang Theory is false.
1 Added Argument Can we mobilize a CreateDebate Army?
1 Added Argument Choosing Your Childs Gender.
1 Added Argument What is the best source of energy??
2 Added Argument U.S. Corporate Tax Rates Should Be Lowered

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