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1 point

Don't forget: This is our lifeboat now that Essembly is down again:!/group.php?gid=305272226158

1 point

Global emission trading would be great. Emmission rights should be allocated to countries according to population.

The biggest problem with this approach is how to prevent illegal emissions, especially in countries where people don't care about traffic rules or building codes I can't imagine that they suddenly stick to the letter of the law when it comes to emissions.

1 point

What's teh point of such a community if anyone can join? If I want to discuss with anyone I do this in the general community of Create Debate. The only advantage of having a segregated community is that I can use the word "Zorachian" without further explanations (though it would be an interesting experiment to try to spread it in the larger CD community).

1 point

Yes of course, but we szhouldn't cede the word marriage to religous groups.

1 point

Isn't that Zorachian? There are vegetarians who don't think everyone should be a vegetarian, there are people who don't drink alcohol but don't think others shouldn't drink it, there are tolerant non-smokers and there are atheists who don't hate theism.

1 point

Essembly Alumni is fine but I don't think we really need this group.

1 point

I'm here but I find it more interesting to post my debates in the general Create Debate community in order to get more responses.

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