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0 points

With Essembly back on-line, no one is here or on Essembly 2.0.

1 point

This is a good music video?

Logan Lynn: Feed Me to the Wolves

First tract of the first album of Portland-based alternative electro pop artist Logan Lynn on the Dandy Warhols label.

Showing on MTV's Logos channel

One of the top 10 videos selected in 2009 by the staff of the MTV College Blog.

Available on Comcast video on demand.

Directed and produced by my daughter and her company "Bystander Productions"


Logan Lynn: Feed Me to the Wolves
1 point

Please feel free to inquire if Essemby Alumni member mdurrettuk is a Alum.

I've already determined that your ally TERMINATOR is not. Should we now ban him or should we welcome him like we would welcome a new member on Essembly?

I'm changing the description of Essembly Alumni to "People who took part in Essembly -- or wish they could have." That will accommodate any new folk and let them know that we have a particular history of which they should be aware.

What is the point of using the term "Zorachian" without folks having been exposed to the real Zorach? Would anyone get it?

1 point

Well, the group was set up as a convenience for those who wish to make "Essembly Alumni" exclusive "resolves" and also so I could learn the workings of CreateDebate debate communities (what Essembly would call a "group"). It will thrive only if it meets a need. But I see your larger point. Why bother with all this discussion about how to set up a "group" that may not be used.

2 points

Are there no lesbian Arab translators in the military?

Also, say "cunning linguists" in Arabic, and I will forgive this bad bad joke.

2 points

Hahaha. People on this site are going to wonder what "Zorachian" is. You should provide a link to the urban dictionary entry for it.

Is it Zorachian? No. the common perception is that Atheists are Anti-god. Ask around and see if I am right.

2 points

Marriage is a civil union. Lets work this backwards. Is marriage a union? Why, yes. In fact, one of the definitions of union is marriage. [1]

What then is the definition of "civil"? One definition is "not religious: performed by a state official such as a registrar rather than a member of the clergy" [2]

Wait a moment. Am I claiming that marriage is not religious? Well, let me ask you this. Where do you go to get a marriage license? To your local Hari Krisna Temple? And where do you go to get divorced? To the Scientology Center where they do away with your "until death do us part" vow before God and absolve you of going against the command "What God has joined together let no man put asunder"? No, you go before a judge.

Some people choose to have a marriage ceremony in a religious institution. But it is not necessary. Neither is it sufficient. You are not legally married without a license from the government.

In fact, well before religious institutions performed marriage ceremonies, "traditional marriage" was a "common law" marriage. After people lived together long enough, they had the legal status of a married couple. It was religion that moved in on what before was a purely civic matter.

In the debate about same-sex marriage, some folks say, "Let them form civil unions instead and leave marriage to the religious." Um, no. Some marriage ceremonies are religious. But all marriages are civil unions. If some religious institution wishes to allow same-sex marriage ceremonies, that is up to them. However, it is up to the government to give same-sex couples the right to marry.

Remember. Same-sex couple want equal rights, not equal rites.



2 points

It's to a cheerleading scene from the movie. Oh well. sorry about that.

My bad Allah Ak-bar joke didn't work either. It's a bad morning.

2 points

"For the girls and for the glory."

Shitte huh? Would you like to invest in this new candy I plan to call the Allahu Ak-bar? It will be like Snickers, but when you bite into it, it blows itself up.

Fired Up!
2 points

i was part of the Essembly debate site for 3 years until it died last month. People could vote on old debates, but the site never notifed you of the new activity. You had to click back tons of pages and scan all the debates to see if there was a new vote. This site is much better in that regard. I'm running out of new debates to comment on, so I'll be exploring old ones. It helps get a sense of people's interests, concerns and personalities here.

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