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Cross-pollinating debates.

Administrators of the Essembly Alumni community have the ability to cross-pollinate debates within the CreateDebate network. Should that be done here?

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Stay out of my hive!

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When you are viewing a debate, you'll notice there is a star next to the debate title. Here is how the star works:

If the debate only belongs to a single community then the star will be empty. If the debate belongs to multiple communities then the star will be solid.

To view a list communities that have claimed the debate, hover your mouse over the star. You can use the hover box to flip between the various communities.

To add a debate to the Essembly Alumni communities, the administrators can click on the star, select this community and click submit! They can use the debate star to fill this community with interesting debates to engage our members.

Sounds interesting and useful. Let's give it a try and see if we like it.

Non-admin folks: See if you can add a debate here like this also.

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OK, coolness. I just checked out this feature and see I could add this debate to the pool of general debates on CreateDebate. Could, but did not. But this feature could be useful for substantive debates that we want to share with the larger community.

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I checked out other debate communities and selected some of the better debates to import to this community. I failed to notice that some have now ended. I mention this so you will know how and why these ended up here and, if you can also import debates, you will be informed to check to see if the debates are active first.

I looked around and see no option to delete the imported debates. Rats.

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