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 Is anybody here? (13)

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Is anybody here?

Yoohoo! Flip? Volker?  Hadrian? Chris?  Anybody?  Hellooooooooo!

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You guys? Hello? This isn't funny! I mean it! Come on you guys! Yoohooooooo!

Nope, no humans here. Just us elbots, chatterbots, AIs, and aliens.

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We will consider you an alien, as you are not an Essembly Alumni. However, just like Essembly was open to all, this debate community is public, and currently welcoming of everyone.

While anyone can join, there is a shared history here among the alumni, and some shared traditions.

For example, if you don't behave, you will be flagged!

Also Topic Wars. We might translate here as tag wars.

At this point, there are just 3 verified Alumni here. Most are hanging out on FaceBook in the Essembly 2.0 group. We shall see if any are persuaded to also become involved here.

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Hi Tom.

Along with you, Volker and I are members of the essemby "Debate Community" here on Create Debate. All of our activity is taking place on the main site however. I'm still getting to know how to use this site, so I'm uncertain how this little corner of it (this essembly debate community) works.

Can you see an option to view the members of this community?

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hmicciche(660) Disputed
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I think viewing members of Essemby Alumni is limited to the community administrators. (At present Volker and I).

If people don't simply lurk here, you will see our members when they post a debate or an argument to one. I'll be looking into a way to make the membership transparent to all of us.

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I'm here but I find it more interesting to post my debates in the general Create Debate community in order to get more responses.

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I would guess that this area will serve as a meeting place for the essembly alums, but that most our activity will be on the main board.

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Don't forget: This is our lifeboat now that Essembly is down again:!/group.php?gid=305272226158

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That isn't as good as our dearly departed!

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There aren't many alums here on this site as of yet. Hopefully more will jump on and debate again, if that's even really possible on this site.

I resolve that more essembly alums should join.

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With Essembly back on-line, no one is here or on Essembly 2.0.

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This format doesn't work as well as essembly, discussions get hidden and lost in the jumble. The problem with essembly is that there's nobody in control to handle gross abuse. One of the great things about essembly was that there was minimal oversight, but some oversight is necessary. People have fled the site because they know that on any given day Punches may get his meds out of sync and repeat his attacks.

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